Meet Our Cafe Roastery!


Have you ever had a dream you felt was so big and outlandish that it could not possibly ever come true? For a long time that is how we felt about owning our own coffee shop. Take it from us friends, no matter how things are going in your life if you keep working hard you can get there. That and with a whole hell of a lot of help from your friends and family. We put in so much time, work, and love into this space. Our vision was to create a shop that could provide not only quality craft coffee and food but also a comfortable space to work, meet up with friends, or just plain pass the time.


In order to make that happen we created plenty of tables and benches that can easily serve as makeshift work stations along with a community table that can seat eight. We also have my personal favorite seats in the front corner. Four comfy arm chairs surround a coffee table complete with decks of cards, triangle peg game, and connect four! So yes, bring the kids and make a morning of it! Chances are you’ll see our daughter running around the shop at some point too! *See photographic evidence below*


We knew going in that one thing matters more than anything to us: Customer service. Between Daniel, Brandon, and myself we all value the customer experience above all else. Thats why we have made it a point to staff our shop (and our bar on UTD’s campus) with like minded individuals. When you walk up to a bar with the brand Lemma on it, we want you to feel like you’re ordering your favorites from an old friend. Seasoned barista? Great, lets talk shop bub! Brand new to the craft coffee world? Great, consider us your coffee Shepard and let us guide your way!


Another huge part of this shop was the ability to have our cafe and roastery in one location. We love how interested you all are in the process of roasting our own coffee and this makes it much more accessible. The reaction when we tell someone that we roast all of our coffee just on the other side of the wall behind the bar will never get old! So come by on a Wednesday and smell the magic that is freshly roasting coffee!


Needless to say, we are so stoked to have come this far in the past two years and cannot thank you all enough for the love and support! Now get off your asses and come say hi in Carrollton!