Opening a Coffee Shop?


Hello all, 

I hope everything is well! So you're considering opening a coffee shop? There are a million write ups on the pros and cons of opening a shop. This post is not one of those. This post is to put a few things out there that you may or may not have considered. 

As you know, there's a ton of planning that goes into place before being able to sell a cup of coffee. Dealing with the city should be a top concern. Will you need a grease interceptor? ADA restrooms & counter tops? Hand washing, three compartment, mop sinks? What kind of bar top surfaces are acceptable? Occupancy load will play a roll in grease interceptor sizing, how many restrooms you need and ultimately what kind of equipment you'll need to keep up with demand! 

One of the things we try to do is take as much of the stress off your shoulders when starting up a shop. We offer services like barista training, assistance with bar layout, menu development and the most exciting, equipment purchasing and maintanence. We'd love to be apart of this exciting time for you and your team! One of the things we do not do, is lock you into a contract. We want you to be stoked about what you serve and the relationship you have with your roaster! 

Should you have any questions, shoot us an email -

- Daniel